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I am currently getting into capturing and streaming my games. The times are completely random it is just whenever I am in the mood. I will post a link on tumblr when I am going to stream and what game.
My Twitch is: xvaults

don't say goodbye
i hate goodbyes

I was just talking with Lauren about old costumes and how far we have improved.

The embarrassing photo on the left is from 2008 when I cosplayed Marth(SSBB ver.) This isn’t the oldest costume I’ve made, but I don’t have any evidence left of anything older. I made everthing but the gloves, shirt, and pants. Ahaha how lameeee.

And photo on the right is my most recent costume(Sharrkan) from Fanime this year~ How proud am I to see how far along I’ve come.

It is nice to look at something like this, but that goes with anything that people work on; art, sewing, many things~ And there are still things for me to improve on! So I can’t wait till a few more years when I look back and laugh at how I was then~