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I am currently getting into capturing and streaming my games. The times are completely random it is just whenever I am in the mood. I will post a link on tumblr when I am going to stream and what game.
My Twitch is: xvaults

don't say goodbye
i hate goodbyes

We were always clumsy, And we took detours in everything and got hurt But we want to believe that our hearts are forever joined

| Haruka | Makoto | Rei | Nagisa |Photographer | Necklaces


We were always clumsy, 
And we took detours in everything and got hurt 
But we want to believe that our hearts are forever joined

| Haruka | Makoto | Rei | Nagisa |
Photographer | Necklaces

I'm playing that game right now. It's great! Well except the trials later on... I kinda feel really sad about what just happened but still you'll love what happened to Phoenix and Maya

I am very excited to continue playing it! So far I’ve only done the prologue for both sides~

I will look forward to it!

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baka! baka!
baka! baka!

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Despite Luke’s voice, this game so far has the perfect amount of Layton and Ace Attorney style!

Despite Luke’s voice, this game so far has the perfect amount of Layton and Ace Attorney style!

I am sad.

In Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, Luke voice actor(or actress changed in this case) for the US releases.
The UK and NA releases have different actresses for Luke. But for this particular game his voice is the UK actress.

I miss the Luke I know.

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Pool Ending

This is a continuation of the Monthly Free! Crossover.
You can see the first part here.
I’ll be adding different Endings of who Nozaki and Mikoshiba pair Haru with.
Different endings: Pool, Rin, Makoto
True Ending is Rin and Makoto

13 days of ffxiii » day 4 (ladies): oerba yun fang

so who do you want to cosplay from fe:a?

I love a lot of characters, but I see myself only ever getting around to cosplaying Lucina and I am really interested in Tiki as well.

I was actually going to cosplay Lucina last year but I just never got around to finishing the costume. It is about 25% done, so I think it is just something I will really slowly work on.

..none of that is what I swim for

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